The Crossing Rite of Passage can be done by a father and son but is also designed to be experienced by a group of men and boys, in groups of five to seven men with a similar number of boys.  The Mentor's Manual includes additional material for the Mentors to discuss and apply the lessons to their own lives through three Mentor Preparation Lessons.  It also includes detailed instructions for the outdoor Adventure Challenge and the Initiation into Manhood Fire Ceremony.  The Mentor's Manual and Young Men's Manual are full of outlines and questions to be discussed by the men and boys.  

​The Young Men's Manual

The Young Men's Manual contains most of the content from the Mentor's Manual, plus additional worksheets and biblical references for life.  

Contents include:

The Six Lessons in Manhood include: 

The Crossing from Boyhood to Manhood 

Jesus as the Model for Manhood 

Manhood with a Mission and Code of Honor 

The Manhood of a King:  To Bless and to Serve

The Manhood of a Warrior:  To Protect and Fight

Manhood with Care and Respect for Women

Your Role in God's Epic History

Good Deed Project

Initiation into Manhood Fire Ceremony

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The Mentor's Manual

Contents include:

A History of Rites of Passage into Manhood

The Jewish Bar Mitzvah 

Tribal Rites of Passage 

Christian Initiation Rituals 

Three Mentor Preparation Lessons 

Six Lessons in Manhood

Good Deed Project 

Outdoor Adventure Challenge 

Initiation into Manhood Fire Ceremony 

Church Initiation Ceremony

Sixth Century Signing Prayer  


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