​Every boy's destiny is manhood.  Make sure they arrive there. 
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Too many boys never arrive to their destiny of manhood.  They remain boys for a lifetime, drift off course and shipwreck their future lives, marriages and families.  But most can't be blamed.  Boys need fathers and mentors to help them become men, and millions of boys have neither.  They enter adulthood without a day of training on manhood. 

Not even an hour. 

"My goal is to prevent boys from getting off course in life--and set them on course to be great men, husbands and fathers. Jesus defined greatness as serving others as he did. That's a constructive use of male strength.  This rite of passage trains boys to become this kind of man."  Rick Rupp

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Author Richard Rupp, M.Div., MFT.

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The Crossing Rite of Passage from Boyhood to Manhood:  Young Men's Manual

A companion book to the Mentor's Manual, the Young Men's Manual is written directly to boys.  The book contains the same content of the Mentor's Manual, including a History of Rites of Passage, Six Lessons in Manhood, A Good Deed Project, Adventure Challenge, A Man's Role in God's Epic History, Biblical Wisdom for Every Day Choices.  The Young Men's Manual can be taught by a boy's father or mentor, or can be used with a Mentor Team of 5-7 men and 5-7 boys.  The Young Men's Manual contains worksheets, practical information, questionnaires, a Code of Honor, and reviews of the training experience.  


The Crossing Rite of Passage from Boyhood to Manhood:  Mentor's Manual


Christian fathers and mentors now have a complete training guide to raise their boys into great men of character and faith.  Boys will learn how to build character qualities like responsibility, commitment and self-control.  They will also learn their God-given purpose in life. The Mentor's Manual includes Six Lessons in Manhood for a Mentor's Team to teach to their boys.  While the Rite of Passage can be taught by a father to his son, the training is designed for a small group of five to seven Mentors with the same number of boys. 


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Contact Rick for speaking engagements or to engage with other Mentor Teams about your rite of passage. 

He can be emailed at:  rick@richardrupp.com


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​​Richard Rupp, M.Div., MFT, is an author, speaker and licensed therapist in private practice in Los Angeles.  He has worked with men in psychotherapy, men's groups and men's retreats for over thirty years.  Rick uniquely understands what men need to succeed in life and relationships.  He also knows what can ruin their lives. Isolation, underlying shame and lack of character qualities like self-control and commitment are destroying men's marriages and families. A lack of fathering, guidance and character qualities has led over two million men to the ultimate shipwreck of prison.